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Security Implications of User Namespaces

The goal of this blog is to understand and document the security implications of user namespaces. The primary goal it serves is to perform comparison between two processes running on

How to ask questions?


This is an awesome blog post that I often recommend anyone getting started with open-source project. It is about how to learn what is a great way to ask questions.

Python: default arguments in subclasses


So, I came across this when reviewing some code at my company, the interesting problem was trying to avoid duplicate default values in subclasses. Let me explain:class SuperClass: def

TIL: Emacs edition


Rectangle Edit functions: https://endlessparentheses.com/new-in-emacs-25-1-better-rectangles.html?source=rss You can essentially use string-rectangle to add something in a rectangle, for example, before every line. I can also use